Based on Italy’s late 60s true events, Italian poet, playwright and director Aldo Braibanti is prosecuted and sentenced to prison for the love he shares with his barely of age pupil and friend, Ettore. Amidst a chorus of voices of accusers, supporters and a largely hypocritical public, a single committed journalist takes on the task of piecing together the truth, between secrecy and desire, facing suspicion and censorship in the process.



2022 Lord of the Ants

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Gianni Amelio. Born in Calabria, Italy. After studying philosophy, he moved to Rome, where he began working as an assistant director. He made his film directing debut in 1982, after a long career in television. He is the winner of numerous international awards, including three EFA awards for best European film.


“A film about violence and the obtuseness of prejudice. About love subjected to conformism and hypocrisy. A cross-section of Italian provincial life in the pivotal sixties, when economic wellbeing did not grow at the same pace as awareness about things. As emotional openness.  The family is a closed space where intergenerational disagreements remain heated and conflictual. The affair as it had happened still reveals disturbing elements over half a century later. The viewer might wonder, “How was it possible, how could it have happened?” Even though today, outwardly, nothing seems to scandalize anyone anymore, the Lord of the Ants’ odyssey has something of the Inquisition about it. We still witness it every day. Because, in substance, not much has changed. Behind a permissive façade, prejudices exist and endure, generating hatred and scorn towards anyone who is “different”. This is no longer the time to submit to or to tolerate any form of abuse towards individuals who are less protected. This film aims to instil the courage to rebel."

- Gianni Amelio


Luigi Lo Cascio : Aldo
Elio Germano: Ennio
Sara Serraiocco: Graziella
Leonardo Maltese: Ettore


Director: Gianni Amelio

Screenwriter: Gianni Amelio, Edoardo Petti, Federico Fava

Director of Photography: Luan Amelio Ujkaj

Editor: Simona Paggi

Production design: Marta Maffucci

Costume design: Valentina Monticelli

Assistant director: Edoardo Petti

Camera operator: Emanuele Chiari

Make up: Esmè Sciaroni

Hairstyling: Samantha Mura

Casting: Barbara Melega

Sound: Emanuele Cicconi

Microphone operator: Andrea Colaiacomo

Sound Editing: Domenico Granata

Mixing: Alberto Bernardi

Co-producers: Moreno Zani, Malcom Pagani

Producers: Simone Gattoni, Beppe Caschetto


Original title: Il Signore Delle Formiche

International title: Lord of The Ants

Duration: 134 min

Aspect Ratio:



Year: 2022

Original language: Italian

Country of production: Italy

Production Companies: Kavac Film s.r.l, IBC MOVIE SRL, Tenderstories srl, Rai Cinema spa

Co-production Companies:

With the support of:


claudiatomassini + associates
Claudia Tomassini
and Paola Schettino Nobile


Cinetic Media
Ryan Werner and Isaac Davidson