Emiliano lives in a small mining town in Mexico. Motivated by a deep sense of justice, he searches for those responsible for the disappearance of his activist mother who was standing up for local jobs against an international mining company. Receiving no help from the police or judicial system, he finds a clue that leads him to the wealthy Aldama Family, where he meets a famous artist, his celebrity wife and their beautiful daughter. It's not long before he has a job at their home and becomes determined to uncover the secrets beneath the surface.



2005 Blood (Sangre)
2008 The Bastards (Los Bastardos)
2013 Heli (Heli)
2016 The Untamed (La Region Salvaje)



Amat Escalante, born in 1979, is a self-taught filmmaker from the city of Guanajuato who began his career in cinema at the age of 15. After making two short films, he wrote and directed his debut feature, "Sangre," a film shot in his hometown and premiered in the Official Selection of "Un Certain Regard" at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, where it received the FIPRESCI Prize from the International Critics. His second feature, "Los Bastardos," also premiered in the Official Selection of "Un Certain Regard" at Cannes in 2008. "Heli" was his third feature, which premiered in the Official Competition at Cannes in 2013, where he won the award for Best Director. His fourth feature film, "The Untamed," premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2016, where he won the Silver Lion for Best Director. From 2018 to 2021, he directed multiple episodes of the successful Netflix series "Narcos: Mexico." His fifth feature film, "Lost in the Night," will premiere in the Official Selection Premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.


In Mexico, the newspapers constantly show statistics of missing persons, and that number is always increasing. I wanted to stop thinking just about numbers and use fiction to show a particular case, of a young man who is driven by a search for justice and revenge following the forced disappearance of his mother. Revenge is a theme explored by many creators but, after all, it is an inexhaustible one. In this film, Emiliano’s desire for revenge becomes the driving force of his existence to the point of clouding reason. As it takes place in a country where impunity prevails, and a society in which there is enormous class inequality, the search for justice becomes a complicated and dangerous effort.

I also wanted to explore the idea of artistic recognition and fame in the context of a country like Mexico, and the larger world today. How using someone else’s tragedy or hardship as the inspiration or subject matter for artistic creation, by someone in a position of power, has the potential to be morally corrupt. Whether in Cinema, Literature or Contemporary Art, these questions are urgent – and as a filmmaker I myself have struggled with this contradiction when wanting to talk compellingly of the injustices and tragedies of my country.

There are so many contrasting realities that are experienced in Mexico – and in most of the world – when someone from a rural community enters the lives of the wealthy elite. Forced disappearances in my country are in the most part linked to economic interests, which shows that money has more value over human life itself. Disappearances, the lack of action of government authorities, as well as the link between the State and organized crime, are uncomfortable topics that I explore in this story where the characters are haunted and tormented by an absent body, but also the need to move on with their lives. Lost in the Night is a film in which tenderness, cruelty and a sense of humor coexist with each other in the context of a mystery that uses genre elements to unravel itself.



Juan Daniel García Treviño

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Actor and percussionist musician originally from Monterrey, N. L. Mexico. He began his career starring in the film "I'm no longer here" by Fernando Frías, a project with which he won the award for revelation actor of the year at the Cairo International Film Festival and in the same category the ARIEL award in 2020. He has been part of the leading cast of the films: "La civil" by Teodora Mihai, premiered in Cannes in 2021 and for which he recently received the DIOSA DE PLATA as best box actor, "El norte sobre el vacío" by Alejandra Márquez Abella premiered in 2022, "Adolfo" by Sofía Auza premiered at the Berlinale 2023 and recently premiered his first leading role on television with the HBO series "Ugly". The projects: Azul, Wetiko and I'm not going to ask anyone to believe me are currently in post-production by the same director who saw it debut.

Bárbara Mori

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Bárbara Mori, Mexican actress originally born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but currently nationalized.

Internationally recognized for her multiple works in television, film and theater.

She began her career in television with great success, with the project ""Rubí"" the most recognized by audiences.

Driven to continue growing, she participates in the production of the play ""El Coleccionista"" and also decided to make the leap to the big screen where she has made more than 10 films, including ""Love, Pain and Vice Versa"", ""Insignificant Things"" , Viento En Contra” a film on which she was also a producer, “Alice In María's Land”, “Treintona, Soltera y Fantástica”, “El Complot Mongol” and “You Are My Problem”, as well as in foreign productions “La Mujer De Mi Hermano” and “Pretendiendo” both made in Chile, “Kites” filmed in the United States and India and “Operación Concha” which was filmed in Tenerife, Spain, she has also made television series as an actress and producer with the series “Dos Lunas” and “La Negociadora”.

In 2020 she filmed ""Todo Lo Invisible"" a film directed by Mariana Chenillo and her most recent film project is the film ""Lost In The Night"" which was filmed at the beginning of 2022 together with the renowned Mexican director Amat Escalante.

She is currently preparing her debut as a scriptwriter and director ""Más Fuerte Que El Miedo"" of which she made the short film of the same name and with which she has toured some festivals competing for best short film.

Her most recent leading role for a platform is in the series ""Las Azules"" for Apple TV.

Her humanitarian sense is reflected with the non-profit association “AMORINFINITO Por Los Niños y Sus Sueños A.C. “of which she is the founder, with which she has dedicated herself to fulfilling dreams for children at risk of death or in a terminal stage for 10 years.

Ester Expósito

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A Madrid native, Ester became interested in acting at an early age. Once she completed high school, she had already participated in various theatre projects earning several awards for her interpretation. 

After a few small roles in several TV series, she debuted on the silver screen with a leading performance in the 2018 film When Angels Sleep under the direction of Gonzalo Bendala. Immediately after she joined the cast of the very successful Netflix series Élite, gaining international recognition for her stellar role as the iconic Carla Rosón in three consecutive seasons of the hit series running through to 2019. In parallel she films her second feature film titled Tu Hijo directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas.

In the following years, Ester went on to interpret critically acclaimed roles in several series such as La Caza, Monteperdido for the Spanish national broadcaster, a groundbreaking series Veneno gaining praise for her interpretation of the real-life character Machús Osinaga and finally, in the same year of 2020, Ester earned a Premios Platino nomination for her outstanding performance as Cayetana Aldama in the beautifully filmed mini-series directed by Manolo Caro titled Someone Has to Die costarring along with Carmen Maura. 

In 2022, we saw Ester conversing about women’s rights and experiences with a Mexican journalist and activist Lydia Cacho in a documentary series titled Peace Peace, Now Now directed by Isabel Coixet, amongst others. During this same year, Ester appeared in a leading role in a fantastic horror flick titled Venus, under the direction of Jaume Balagueró and produced by Alex de la Iglesia, two giants of the genre in the Spanish-speaking world and beyond. The film would go on to premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in September of the same year before adoring crowds. It is worth mentioning that Ester won the Fotogramas de Plata for best cinema actress for Venus, awarded by the historic and prestigious film publication of the same name. 

In early 2022, Ester will take on a leading role in a dark feature titled Perdidos en la Noche, directed by Amat Escalante, a Golden Palm laureate. This film is set to premiere at the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival this year. 

We’ll soon be able to see her in a Spanish-Argentinian co-production El Llanto directed by Pedro Martín Calero, written by Isabel Peña, and produced by Caballo Films. In the coming months, Ester will be working on a string of very diverse and exciting projects.

Fernando Bonilla

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Fernando Bonilla is a mexican actor, director and playwright, born in Mexico City in 1985. He graduated from the Instituto de Cine de Madrid, Spain. He has acted in films like “Northern Skies Over Empty Space”, “Estanislao” or “Killer Babes” and tv shows like “Narcos: Mexico” (S3), “An Unknown Enemy” (S2), “Marea Alta” and “Harina” (S1 & S2).

Founder of the Puño de Tierra theater company, he has directed 25 productions, including “Almacenados”, “A Ocho Columnas”, “Los Ingrávidos” and “Algo en Fuenteovejuna”. As a stage actor he has participated in more than 30 productions, including “3 Days in May”, “Una Bestia en mi jardín” and “Between Pancho Villa and a naked woman”. Author of 8 stage plays, including “Otro Mar”, “Masiosare” and “El Corrido del Rey Lear”. His work has been presented at various prestigious theater and film festivals around the world.

Mafer Osio

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Maria Fernanda Osio Santiago was born on August 4th, 2001 in the municipality of Cosamaloapan de Carpio, Veracruz, Mexico. 

When she was 11 years old, she found joy in exploring the arts, particularly visual and performing arts.

Throughout her teenage years,  she continued pursue her passion for the arts.  ""Lost in the night"" was her first casting and is her first acting role.


Juan Daniel García Treviño
as Emiliano

Ester Expósito
as Mónica Aldama

Bárbara Mori
as Carmen Aldama

Fernando Bonilla
as Rigoberto Duplas

Mafer Osio
as Jazmin


Director: Amat Escalante
Writer: Amat Escalante, Martin Escalante
DOP: Adrian Durazo
Production Designer: Daniela Schneider
Costume Designer: Ursula Schneider
Hair and Makeup design: Jorge Fuentes "Jarrito"
Direct Sound: Raul Locatelli
Casting: BM Casting
Casting Director: Bernardo Velasco
Sound Designer: Carlos E. Garcia
Editor: Fernanda de la Peza
Music Supervision: Lynn Fainchtein
Original Score: Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein
1st Assistant Director: Frederic Henocque
Post Production Supervisor: Juan Galva
Producers: Nicolas Celis, Fernanda de la Peza,
Amat Escalante
Co-Producers: Viola Fügen, Michael Weber,
Leontine Petit, Erik Glijnis, Katrin Pors, Eva Jakobsen,
Mikkel Jersin, Alejandro Sugich L.A, Dan Wechsler,
Jamal Zeinal - Zade and Andreas Roald
Executive Producers: Rodrigo Macin,
Francesca Romero, Maya Scherr-Willson,
Gustavo Montaudon, Javier Salgado, Julieta Parales,
Beatriz E. Herrera Bours, Alejandro Mares
Associate Producers: Adrian Durazo and Jim Stark


Original title: Perdidos en la Noche
International title: Lost in the Night
Duration: 120 min
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Format: 4K
Sound: 7.1
Year: 2023
Original language: Spanish
Countries of production: Mexico, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark
Production Companies: Pimienta Films,
Tres Tunas Cine, Carcava Cine
Co-production Companies: Lemming Film, The Match Factory, Sula Films, Snowglobe, Bord Cadre, Sovereign Films, CTT Exp and rentals
With the support of: Bord Cadre Films, ZDF, Estimulo fiscal a proyectos de inversión en la producción y distribución cinematográfica nacional (EFICINE), Film- und Medien Stiftung NRW, NL - Film Fonds, Danish Film Institute, Guanajuato Cinematografía Film Fund, Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund - Los Cabos Film Festival, Cinereach, Cineart


Cinetic Media

Ryan Werner
Rachel Allen

Jon Rushton